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Nonton Film Serial My Unfortunate Boyfriend


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Nonton Film My Unfortunate Boyfriend (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

Rating : 7.4/10 (234 votes)
1 users Reviews: 234 votes
Category : drama, K-Drama, korea, romance
Trailer : My Unfortunate Boyfriend
Duration : 60 min
Director : Nam Ki-hoon
Staring : No Min-woo, Yang Jin-sung, Yoon Hak, Kwak Ji-min
Synopsys :
My Unfortunate Boyfriend is described as a “sweet romance” drama and pairs Noh with Yang Jin-sung (Bride of the Century), and in standard K-drama fashion, they’ll be diametric opposites: He’s a man who’s innocent to a fault, and she’s the woman who lacks innocence to a fault. It’s a dynamic that certainly worked well for Ho-gu’s Love, buoyed by a heartfelt performance from Choi Woo-shik, and I can certainly see it working well here. Especially since it looks like the heroine is more than willing to take the lead on the skinship front. In the poster below, the wooden sign bears a list of life instructions that our so-called unfortunate boyfriend adheres to: Don’t lie, keep promises, speak respectfully, listen to the other person, help the weak. Well-meaning and sweet, for sure, although his pure heart is bound to cause him as many problems as it’s meant to help. Let’s hope he can open his eyes a bit, but without needing to lose too much of that innocence. The drama also stars Yoon Hak (of idol band Supernova) and Han Hye-rin (Empress Ki, Shoot My Heart) as secondary leads. It airs on Friday and Saturday nights on MBC Dramanet, and premieres on April 10.

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