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Episode - Chinese Paladin (2005) episode 15

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Nonton Film Chinese Paladin (2005) Subtitle Indonesia

Rating : 8.0/10 (62 votes)
1 users Reviews: 62 votes
Category : adventure, fantasy, romance
Trailer : Chinese Paladin
Duration : -
Director : Guoli Li
Staring : Ge Hu, Yifei Liu, Ady An, Achel Chang

Synopsys :
Chinese Paladin - The kingdom of Nan Zhao is brainwashed by the chief of a moon-worshiping cult (Elvis Tsui) who forces the King (Chi-yin Wong) to sentence his Queen (Sun Li) to death, claiming that she is a demoness. In reality, the queen is the descendent of Nui Wa, a goddess. The evil chief unleashes a water demon and the queen sacrifices herself to save her people from the demon. Before she sacrifices, she asks Jiu Zui Xian (Tse Kwan Ho) and a masked stranger to bring her daughter and nanny away.. The story shifts to 10 years later. Li Xiao Yao (Ge Hu) is a mischievous orphan who lives together with his auntie. His auntie falls sick one day and 2 mysterious men tell him to travel to a magical land to retrieve an antidote for his auntie. He meets Zhao Ling\'er (Yifei Liu) who is the long-lost daughter of Nan Zhao Kingdom\'s Queen together with her nanny (Pei-Pei Cheng). Xiao Yao is mystified when Ling\'er and her nanny know him and calls him their savior. He later falls for Ling\'er and marries her, promising that he\'ll come back and fetch her after he goes back for his auntie with the antidote. Before he leaves, a strange army of assassins turn up for Ling\'er and her nanny is seriously injured while saving her. Xiao Yao realizes that the 2 men tricked him but before he can confront them, they attack him and wash away all memories he had on the island. Ling\'er is saddened when Xiao Yao denies knowing her when they meet again. He however, takes pity on her when her nanny passes away and promises to bring her back to Nan Zhao Kingdom. Meanwhile, Ling\'er\'s childhood friend, Ah Nu (Esther Liu) is tricked by the evil chief and sets out to find Ling\'er. On the way to Nan Zhao Kingdom, Xiao Yao and Ling\'er befriend a scholar, Liu Jing Yuan (Bryan Wong) and his sassy cousin, Lin Yue Ru (Ady An), who because of a misunderstanding, is at odds with Xiao Yao. Ling\'er later discovers that she\'s grown a snake tail and in a moment\'s panic, runs away. She later finds out the truth of her birth, being the descendent of Nui Wa, like her mother and decides to return to Nan Zhao Kingdom with Ah Nu. She discovers that she is pregnant with Xiao Yao\'s child but decides to keep it a secret. The god son of a Nan Zhao general, Tang Yu (Eddie Peng) who secretly loves Ah Nu follows them on their way. Meanwhile Yue Ru develops feelings for Xiao Yao when she accompanies him to find Ling\'er but is rejected by Xiao Yao who only has eyes for Ling\'er. However, the 2 grow closer while battling spirits and demons on the way and Jing Yuan is heartbroken as he had always loved his cousin. After many happenings, Ling\'er finally leaves Xiao Yao as she wants to concentrate on her mission to save Nan Zhao Kingdom from the Evil Bai Yue Chief. Xiao Yao is touched by Yue Ru\'s undying love for him and accepts her eventually. They then have to save Ling\'er who is captured and locked in a pagoda by Jian Shen (Guo Liang). Xiao Yao suddenly recalls his past memories with Ling\'er and realizes he still loves her. A saddened Yue Ru sacrifices herself to save Xiao Yao and Ling\'er, leaving him devastated. He names his daughter with Ling\'er in memory of Yue Ru. When their friends including Jing Yuan, Jiu Zui Xian, Ah Nu and Tang Yu sacrifice themselves to defeat Bai Yue Chief, Xiao Yao and Ling\'er are determined to join forces to defeat him.

Category Post : adventure, fantasy, romance

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